When Steven Douglas Smith’s parents are killed in a level-crossing accident, the four orphaned children are separated. Their neighbour, twenty-one-year-old Tori Smythe, applies for guardianship and is turned down due to her age and medical condition. Not happy with the ruling, the five of them run away – from Sydney to Perth, Western Australia, unaware that their actions could jeopardize a Federal Government Prosecution case. Detective Sergeant Scott Backer is called in to find them, and he sets off on a chase that will change his life. After a series of dramatic events, Scott takes on the role of Court Appointed Guardian to the teenagers, and settles down to a life in Perth. But life is far from plain sailing, as he discovers in the following books.

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Operation Series eBook Titles

Operation Foxtrot Five
Operation Delta Bravo
Operation Alpha Papa
Operation Tango Two Two